St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu






These are the students who have been elected to be the Student Council for 2018.

"May we do well and make good decisions to help our school become a better place.

We thank you for your support ! "



Our student council members this year come from Room 1 all the way down to Room 3.  There are 10 members on the council this year.

 We organise lunchtime games for the children, to help them to keep fit and active. Lunchtime games are all about fun and excitement. The student council has been taught to teach the many different age groups in our school.

We hold lunchtime meetings once a week with Miss Franich and discuss many important things like:

·        Lunchtime activities

·        Fundraising ideas

·        How we as a council are role models to other students

·        Upcoming events

·        How we can share/model/experience Pasterol Care among pupils            and classes.

                        and much more.




Student Responsibilities

Many of our senior students enjoy taking on extra responsibilities such as Classroom Monitors

  Sports, PE & Fitness Monitors 

  Music Monitors 

  Eco Warriors  

  Bell, Office, OHP, Attendance,

  Maintenance Assistant

  Wet Day Monitors


 Road Patrol Monitors