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Room 3


Welcome to Room 3



When you think of excellence what comes to your mind? Top athletes, business people, the rich and famous?

The mercy value we are learning about this year is excellence and it is something we can all aspire to and attain. Excellence isn’t being the best once, it is doing your best all the time.

A quote we have discussed as a class is from Catherine McAuley who said

"We should resolve to be good today, but better tomorrow.”

Excellence is about giving things 100% even when it is hard.



Every Wednesday afternoon Room 3 takes over GymCity in Papatoetoe. We are about to complete 6 weeks of gymnastics instruction and training.

Each week we complete a circuit working on different skills such as balance, vaulting, rolling, swinging and lifting. As each week has passed it has been great to see students confidence increase and skills develop. 

Here are a few photos of what we have been up to.




Sports Day

One of the highlights of the year is sports day. This year each of the teams in room 3 were tasked with the challenge of designing their own tabloid game. 

Each group were given a theme that they needed to incorporate into their tabloid event. These were: fashion parade, circus, snakes and water world.

The groups worked collaboratively together to create awesome tabloid events that included, stilts, cones on heads, dress up clothes, crawling blindfolded, eating jelly snakes and getting wet!!





As one of the students wrote in their recount "Sports day is not all about winning. It is about supporting one another and everyone of us having fun.” Well said!

The Tug of War competition was another highlight of sports day. The year 6 boys have been looking forward to this since they were little year 1’s! And this is their first and only time competing at St Joseph’s School. The competition was tough and concentration levels were at an all time high as each team battled it out. Check out the determination on these faces.




Jesus is the greatest example of love that we have and this term we have been learning about the fullness of God’s love that we see in Jesus. 

Faith, Hope and Love are what he sows us and was a class we have been thinking about how to put these into action. 

This is a photo of us organising faith, hope and love statements.