St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 4


Welcome to Room 4! 
In Room 4, we have been doing some reflection around our school focus for 2018: 'Kotahi Whanau- Kotahi Ao   Tukua Kia Haere Tahi' (One Family- One World  Let us go Together).
Our class Mercy Value is Service, and underneath our beautiful crayon-and-dye self-portraits we listed some of the many ways that we can serve one another, including:
ideaDoing our jobs responsibly (Wilson)idea
ideaHelping teachers with their bags in the morning (Renee) idea
ideaHelping others who are stuck or in need (Ignatius) idea
ideaCleaning up after ourselves (Praise) idea
ideaDoing people's jobs if they are away (Desmond) idea
ideaHelping around the house without being asked (Somtochi) idea
ideaOffering others help in a friendly way idea
ideaKeeping the corridors clean for others (Tavita) idea
We plan to put some of these into action in 2018! 


Thank you to Mrs Neho who helped us with our wall display!
Earlier in the year, Room 4 all gave book reviews to the class, recommending our favourite novels. We published our reviews in a visual wall display, which you can see in the corridor outside our classroom.
Several members of the class have already been inspired to read each other's recommended books.

In Term 2 we studied 'Living Creatures', focusing on New Zealand native mammals and reptiles.
During ICT we researched a chosen animal in pairs, then wrote a report on our animal. You can read all about our amazing creatures in our flipfiles at the back of our classroom.

In Visual Art, we created beautiful collages of our New Zealand mammals and reptiles, using coloured paper and small pieces of paper cut from old magazines. We looked closely at photos of our animals, and carefully chose colours which reflect the different shades of colour on each animal. We are pleased with the results!

This term (Term 3) our R.E. topic for the Sacrament strand has been 'Healing', focusing on the healing sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick, and Reconciliation.

In Technology this term we have created Sock Puppets, using our imaginations to create puppets with a definite personality, using wool, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pompoms. We think our puppets look cute, and they are very popular in our classroom.

Our Topic study this term is 'Antarctica'.
So far we have been learning about the climate and animals of Antarctica, and have been amazed and enthralled by the amazing adventures of the first Antarctic explorers- Amundsen, Scott, Mawson, Shackleton, and others. We may think it is cold outside in the Auckland winter, but it is not cold when compared with Antarctica!