St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 5

Welcome to Room 5! 
In Room 5 our  Mercy Focus is Service. and we have devised a "Secret Service" Project. We produced our Secret Service Identity Booklet that has a Silhouette on the cover that represents something we love, and a patterned personalised background, and inside the Booklet we have written a Secret Goal of a way that we will serve the school this term. At the end of the Term we will check if the people or classes whom we have been secretly serving have felt loved and cared for by us.

Mercy Cross Stained Glass Window Art

We have also produced a very detailed Piece of Art that we have composed independently. Out Art represents the Mercy Cross, a stained glass window all of which we completed using mixed media of colours, felts, pastels, sharpie detail and dye. We had to include a collage area on our Art. We also had to add a white dove in 3-D. This piece of Art took a lot of time and patience.




Room 5 Gallery of Great Reads

As part of our efforts to read more and improve in our Independent Reading we started a Reading and Art Challenge. We had to read a good book and produce a Summary and book Review of the book we read. Our work had to be of a high quality and the Book cover had to look like the original. 

Our Book review had to have an actual personal book review written by us, on the back of the book. Just like a real blurb. 

The next challenge was to draw a representation of ourselves as a Portrait. We had to work on the size so that we could use the portrait and the book review together. That way, the Art piece showed a Portrait of ourselves reading an actual book we had read, and our genuine opinion of the book, written on the back.