St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 6



Our Mercy value is hospitality. We have been learning that this means welcoming people into our class, helping out and home and school and also being kind to others. We will be practicing using this value throughout the year.


We are all excited for more learning this year!



Room 6 has been studying birds. We have looked at birds habitats, diet and appearances. We also discussed different features of birds and words that are associated with these. We turned this words into pieces of art, which look bright and colourful on our wall.



In term 3, we began our new study about Early Maori in New Zealand. We are starting to look at how life was different all that time ago and things that Maori used to survive. We experienced a Hangi with Rooms 13 and 5. It was a great experience because the vegetables taste different when they are cooked this way and it was interesting to learn about the process of how a hangi is made.