St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 7


Tena Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei,

Kia Orana, Bula Vinaka, Chao, Namaste! 

We are always very busy in Room 7. We love learning and having fun!

Come and have a look at what we have been doing this year. 


We have been learning about the special Mercy value of Respect. Respect is showing someone you care and making them feel important. We have been practising showing our Mercy value every day, at home and at school.

Here are our thoughts about respect:

“Respect is when you go to someone who is crying and say ‘you can play with us.’.” Jeremiah

“Respect is when you show people they’re important, by making them feel like they’re cared for.” Vaka

“Respect is looking after everyone.” Helayna

“Respect is caring for other people.” Paula

“Respect is playing with people who are lonely.” Aleina

“Respect is when you share your toys.” Braxton

“Respect is saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone.” Regina

“Respect is helping other people finish their work.” Michael

“Respect is playing nicely with your brothers.” Elijah

“Respect is comforting your friends when they’re crying.” Divine

“Respect is when someone is playing on their own and you say ‘do you want to play with me?’.” Matthew

“Respect is being kind.” Lily

“Respect is letting other people play with you.” Ella

“Respect is being nice to your friends.” Bernadette

“Respect is being kind.” Ariana

“Respect is playing nicely with your friends.” Jordyn

 “Respect is being loving.” Palavi

We have been learning more about our friend Jesus this term in Religious Education. We experienced life like Jesus would have, even dressing up in the clothes He would have worn. We loved making our own butter and eating it on pita bread.

We also had our own Last Supper like Jesus would have. We pushed all our tables together and pretended to be Jesus’ disciples. We broke bread and ate it and we poured wine (grape juice) into our glasses and drank it. 

This term we have been learning about South Sudan and comparing our lives to the lives of the children who live there. We have learnt more about a little girl called Lina Juan who is the same age as us! Lina Juan’s life is very different to our life here in Aotearoa. We compared our lives to Lina Juan’s life – it was very interesting. Some of us decided Lina Juan’s life was more similar to Jesus’ life than our life. She had no electricity or running water and she ate very plain food – just like Jesus used to when He was alive.

In art, we have been busy creating our self-portraits. We began by looking at our features and practised sketching our faces on paper. Then we drew our faces again on A3 paper and checked in a mirror to make sure we remembered everything on our faces! After we had drawn our portraits, we had to paint them. We talked about our skin colour and how to get the best shade to match our skin by mixing different paints. It was really tricky painting our portraits and they took us a really long time – we had to paint a little bit every week and let it dry before we could paint any more. We are really proud of our portraits – they look amazing!

This term we had our sports day at Mt Smart Stadium. We did really well and some of us even placed in our races! We had a lot of fun and spent the term learning some really great skills.

This term we have also been learning how to be a good friend. We went to see Harold at the beginning of the term in the Life Education Caravan, who shared with us how we can be good friends. This linked with the mercy value of respect we also learnt about. Throughout the term we explored ways to be a good friend and talked about the things we do that make us ‘bad’ friends. 

We ended the term with a technology project that linked to our topic. We had to design and create a necklace for a friend. We drew a name of a classmate from a hat so that it was fair. We then had to work with that person to make them a necklace that they would like in their favourite colours. This was a lot of fun and we made some beautiful necklaces.