St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 9


Tena Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei,

Kia Orana, Bula Vinaka, Chao, Namaste 

We are always very busy in Room 9. We love to read stories, learn our letters, practice our counting, make and build things, talk about our learning and most importantly have fun! 


 Come and have a look at what we have been doing this year. 


This year we are learning about the special Mercy Value of Respect. We have read lots of stories about Respect and are thinking really carefully about how we can show Respect to everyone we meet. 


Here are some of our thoughts about Respect:

"Respect is listening to your friends" Muaimalae

"Respect is being tidy. We respect our toys" Soane

"Respect is doing what you are told quickly" Zariya

"Respect is saying thank you" Ella

"Respect is saying please" Braxton

"Respect is taking turns" Elijah

"Respect is looking after the books" Lily

"Respect is saying Good Morning" Sunset

"Respect is saying kind words" Sam

"Respect is looking at the person who is talking" Junior

"Respect is saying sorry" Lyrical 





This term we are learning about New Zealand birds. We love to learn about the Kiwi and have been reading lots of stories to learn more about birds. We even went to the zoo to learn about the birds there. Fraser taught us about birds in NZ and what they eat. Did you know we need to plant lots of NZ plants so that the birds have somewhere to live and lots of food to eat? We loved visiting the zoo and seeing all of the animals. "We had a lovely, great day" said Sunset. 




As part of our learning about NZ birds we have looked closely at nests. We learnt that some birds make their nests in trees, some birds make their nests on the ground and some even make nests under ground. We had a go at making our own nests. We had to use sticks, leaves, feathers and material to make our nests. It was really difficult! We thought about how hard it would be to make a nest as a bird using only our beaks. We have watched videos of birds making nests and we find it really funny when the bird uses it's stomach to flatten the nest. 

Here are some of the nests we made, they are all very different! 


Everyday we spend time in Prayer. We are learning more about Prayer all of the time. 


When we pray we are talking and listening to God in our hearts. We have to try and keep our body still when we are praying. 




We use Holy objects to help us pray. Holy objects help us to think about God. Here are some of the Holy objects in our classroom. 




In Term 2 we learnt about our friends in the Pacific. We looked at objects and pictures from Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand. We talked lots about the countries that we are from. We learnt that there are some things that are the same- like the weather and some things that are different- like the language. We looked at lots of different paintings and art from the Pacific Islands. We saw that there were lots of art that was similar. We loved looking at the Samoan siapo that Miss Henry brought in for us. We talked about all of the different patterns we could see. There were stripes, zig-zags, triangles, circles, squares and even some flowers!



We worked together as a team to make our own class tapa. First, we had to draw the patterns that we wanted to use. Next, we had to colour in the flower with a light crayon. Finally, we painted over our drawings with brown watercolour. We are very proud of our tapa!