St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 11

Welcome to Room 11 


In Term 3 we are studying New Zealand Native birds.  We are going to concentrate on five birds - Kiwis, Tuis, Pukekos, Fantails and Kingfishers.  These are also the names of our Reading groups in Room 11.

We will learn the parts of a bird, study their claws and how they are adapted for running, hunting from the air or for climbing trees.
Also how their beaks are different shapes and how the birds use them as tools for seizing and eating their food.
We will be researching environmental issues concerning native birds - endangered species and what is being done to help their survival.

Later in the term we will be visiting Auckland Zoo to see the Kiwi House and the Bird Aviary and discover how important our birds are to the New Zealand native bush.



Every week we get to visit the school library with Mrs Kulik. She helps us to find interesting books to read and also shares some great stories with us. 


We are becoming excellent readers in Room 11. 


Last term we were learning about Our Pacific Neighbours. We loved sharing all of our knowledge about Samoa and Tonga with our friends.  Mrs Patau taught us a Samoan action song called 'Le Aute' which we performed at the Junior school assembly.