St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 11

Welcome to Room 11

At the beginning of 2019  we learnt about healthy food and how it helps our brains and bodies to work well.  We  eat fresh fruit every morning and one day we made porridge at school.  We put blueberries and yoghurt on top and we discovered that having a healthy breakfast helped us to focus on our work all day! 

We  visited the Life Education Caravan and learnt different ways to be good friends at school.  We have made a Kindness Bucket in Room 11 where we can put in the names of the children who do kind things during the day.  Every day we pull out 3 names and talk about how they have shown love and kindness at school.

We have been learning about life in South Sudan and comparing how they live to how we live in New Zealand.  Their houses are called Tukuls and are made out of dried mud and dried grass.  We  took a photo of Kaosi's house in Otahuhu and compared it to the Tukuls. It has been really interesting to learn about a different culture, ask us what we have found out next time you see us!