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 Welcome to Room 1

 Our Mercy value this year is Social Justice, so we’ll be doing a fair amount of learning, discussion and developing a greater awareness about what it means for us as Yr 7 & 8 girls.  In Term 1 we created 'Blessing Bags' for women and children in need. Thank you for all of your generous donations. We participated in the Caritas Challenge this year by re-creating what it would be like to spend a day in Timor-Leste. Follow this link to find out all about it on our dedication Caritas 2018 page: /50/pages/300 




For a few weeks this term, Room 1 girls have been so fortunate to have Nora come in to run the program ‘Dressed in Confidence’ with our class.  On Mondays for about an hour, Nora spends time with our class teaching us the importance of becoming confident young Pacific women.  We have learnt that it’s okay to feel good about ourselves, to recognise that we have many physical, emotional and intellectual attributes.  Liking oneself is extremely important to a person’s overall self-esteem, it paves the way for overall success.

Here’s what we’ve experienced in these classes so far:

In the first session we shared what we liked about ourselves, here are a few examples:

·        "I like my height…it makes me feel in control”

·        "I like my hair, it’s bouncy and brown”

·        "I like my eyes…I’m the only one in my family with this colour brown”

·        "I like my smile, it shows people I’m positive”

·        "I like my eyelashes, they’re long, just like my dad’s”


In the second session we really came to grips with what beauty is, how we as individuals can define beauty, and a reminder that beauty is more than what is on the outside. Here are some statements we wrote about ‘beauty’.


To me beauty is the natural look of you, embracing love and confidence, no matter what you look like.    Anitimoni


The definition of beauty to me is not make-up.  It’s being who you are without anything covering you.  What you think and do instead of what someone else says, their opinion.  You can wear ‘old-fashioned’ clothes and you’re still beautiful, because you aren’t ashamed of what you’re wearing.  Your personality is beautiful.  That is what makes you unique.  Not trendy clothes and make-up.    Empres


Beauty is celebrating your physical features, your physical traits.  ‘Beauty’ is not decided by society, but by you.  People allow others to display themselves in their own way and to be proud of who you are.   Fou


Beauty is not what others say about you, but it is what makes you feel comfortable.   Elena


Beauty is not what you look like on the outside, but what you look like inside...your personality.  Savelina


Beauty is the thing that makes you you.  Lakai


Beauty is your true characteristics.  Beauty is being yourself.  Evalata


Beauty is not being perfect, it’s who you really are.  Lineta


You don’t have to be the perfect image to have beauty, just believe in yourself.  Beauty is to be proud of yourself and to have the confidence to be yourself.  Rita


To me beauty means to be YOU. You don’t need to have make-up, jeans, high-heels and so on to look beautiful.  It’s what’s in the inside that makes you beautiful and unique.  Anna


Beauty is the way you feel that best suits and describes you, makes you feel comfortable, it’s not just the way you look.  It’s your personality on the outside and on the inside.  Elayna


To me, beauty is showing everyone who you are.  It is what makes you comfortable.  Beauty to me is not trying to be someone you’re not, or having the ‘perfect’ image.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  Liselota


Beauty is what shapes who you are, beauty is the way to believe in yourself.  Mercy


What I think about beauty is that it shows your culture and it’s also about having a nice smile. Theresa I


Looking different from each other...that’s beauty to me, because we were all created by our God.  Lakai


The definition of beauty to me is...not having to be the perfect image and not having people judge me on how I look.  Beauty to me is how I feel and how comfortable I am.  Lose


My understanding of beauty is that it is not just what we look like on the outside, but who we are and who we can be on the inside as well.  You can see beauty when we feel true happiness...that’s when the light from inside us shines and radiates our beauty and uniqueness.   Kiarah


I think beauty is not a girl with clear skin, no pimples, no pores, white and flawless skin.  Sometimes your size is beauty, whether you are skinny, plump, large or small, your size is beautiful in its own way.  Beauty is not about your proportions, e.g. the size of your breasts and bottom.  Beauty is about your long, short or bushy hair and embracing who you are.  Miracle


Beauty is the good features of a person, such as, dimples, teeth and wavy hair.  Beauty is also the so-called ‘bad’ things as well, because those are the features that make you you, too big, too small, too wide, too short, skew teeth, small ears, etc. Beauty is the features that make you feel good!  Beauty is you!


I think beauty is like nature in a person, it is who you are, it is being yourself just the way you are.  Maryane


Beauty to me means what you look like, it shows who you are.  Fusi


Beauty is being happy with your appearance.  It is also being a good person and helping others.  Kara


I think beauty is who you are, what you look like in a unique way.  Logo


Beauty is your unique way of showing who you are and having confidence in your appearance. Madison


My definition of beauty is your own natural look, no make-up, no earrings, no rings, no necklaces.  Freckles can be defined as beauty, a smile is beauty.  It is as simple as that.  Theresa N

I think beauty is who you are and the way your body is formed in its own unique way. Marie-Grace



As part of session two we also had to think of a Confidence statement we can use to ensure we go out each day with an ‘I CAN DO attitude’ and it’s okay to be me!  We practised saying these to the mirror…it’s incredible how much more you believe in yourself when you have a positive statement about who you are.  Here are some examples:

‘I am looking at beauty.’


Girl before…. Queen after!!‘Be proud and keep your head held high, reveal your wings, fly to the sky.’

‘Today’s a new day it’ll be okay

‘Confidence is the key to unlocking the true me’

In session three we were given our Dressed in Confidence T-shirts and had to make some decisions as to what we would do to the t-shirt if we had the opportunity redesign it.  We drew t-shirts and got creative, some of us decided we’d remove the sleeves, we’d crop the front and have a long back, we’d cut the front into strips, narrow and wide, we’d cut deeper armholes to make it like a gym t-shirt, we also had to write our confidence statement on to the back of our personalised t-shirt.  This was an really interesting experience as we all got to really think about what WE like and how we’d show others a little more about our personality through the design of a t-shirt.  It allowed for us to be creative thinkers – awesome! Look at the scanned images to get an idea of what we did for this task.



Here are a few photos of our final session.  Gosh we had fun, learnt such a lot about the importance of being yourself, accepting yourself, and understanding just what it means to enjoy being unique.

We all have wonderful attributes, both physical, emotionally and mentally…we need to celebrate these.  The 7 ‘Dressed with Confidence’ sessions certainly has helped us on our journey to do this and we hope by reading what we’ve learnt and looking at the photographs you’ll be feeling the same.

Good luck, and remember…’Be Brave, Be Confident, Be Yourself’  (Kiarah Torillo, Yr 7, 2018)