St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 2

Welcome to Room 2!


Kia Ora, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Nihao, Kamusta, Xin Chao, Greetings and Welcome to Rm 2! We would like to share our some of our daily studies and activities with you. The students of Room 2 are a unique, energetic, and genuine bunch. We are all different, but we love each other just the same!

Read more to find out some of the things we have been up to!

By Ruby Neho and Sinama Latailakepa





This term we are getting oriented! We have started our unit on Geometry and are familiarising ourselves with directional language. We have been looking at maps, following grids and are looking forward to learning about tessellations, transformation, rotation and reflection!

We have also been learning about angles! We are using protractors, identifying different types of angles and remembering that ‘angles’ and ‘angels’ are two different things...

Religious Education

We have been busily learning about the Holy Orders in our Sacrament Strand! We drew our own storyboard to help us understand the steps deacons take to become priest in the Rite of the Sacrament of Holy Orders. We also talked about how sometimes life can feel "blessed” and other times it can feel "broken.” In Japan, when a piece of pottery breaks, they meld it back together with gold and believe it is more beautiful than ever before! We think that people are the same. Every time something in life breaks us, we can remake ourselves and we can be wiser, stronger, and braver than before!






This term we are lucky enough to have Vasanti Unka talking to us about our hopes and dreams! We can now write extended metaphor poetry and have learned how to put together a cinquain poem! We are so excited to see how our poetry book turns out! 


Room 2 has upped their personal reading this term! Our class library is freshly stocked with exciting new books and we are challenging ourselves to read as many as we can! We share recommendations for the best ones!

Our focus in Reading this term is difference and diversity. We have had passionate discussions about what it means to be different and how we can stop discrimination against marginalised groups. So far we have read about refugees new to New Zealand and the racist poll tax imposed in 1981 to keep Chinese people from immigrating here. We have also followed our curiosity and studied cultures from around the world with our culture study!

We are thinking about how difference affects ourselves and others and remembering the words of the Maya Angelou poem we learned it term 1, "We are more alike my friends, than we are unalike.”



Topic - Social Studies

Our topic this term is the Big 5 Religions of the World! Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam! We are learning about the different beliefs, traditions and customs of these faiths around the world and understanding how faith can have many different faces!






In Māori our topic is - The Marae. We have been learning about Māori tikanga and kawa and the importance of the marae for its surrounding communities. We know that people use the marae for funerals, weddings, family meetings, feasts and many more whānau events.

Physical Education

Us Room 2 girls are practising our soccer skills. We have been focusing on tackling the soccer ball and trying to use space on the field more effectively. We have also been able to work with footsteps and dance and are loving showing off our moves!



In drama this term, we are practising our improvisation skills. This means we have to be really brave and make things up on the spot! We have playing drama games to increase our confidence! We learned that in improvisation - one player makes an offer and the other player has to say "yes!” to that offer!