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Dear Whānau,

Manuia le Vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa!

As we begin Week 7, I would like to thank you all for your great respect shown to each other as a community, to our children and to our staff through this challenging time, where everything is different and we are all trying our best to achieve a common goal of safety and care for one another.

Fa’afetai tele lava!

We will continue our current systems up until and including the end of Week 7 (this Friday 29 May). This means our drop off and pick up routines remain as originally stated. I will include this again at the end of this email along with our health and safety sheet to remind you of the times and gates.

After Queen’s Birthday weekend, there will be more children attending school physically and our pick up and drop off times may vary then as we move into a more school based rather than remote based learning plan. We will do this gradually and still offer remote learning to those aiga who are unable to return to school physically. Our current on site roll increased this week by 28 children, taking us up to 67% of our current roll.  

Please advise me before and when you plan to bring your children back to school physically, so we can put our distancing plan into action in the classrooms. We are currently in Week 7, so if you plan on returning in Week 8 (2 June) - please advise me their name and room number as soon as possible. I will inform their teachers.

From Week 8, after Queen’s Birthday Weekend, we will be wearing WINTER uniform at school. If you have trouble accessing winter shoes, we are expecting a delivery on KidsCan Shoes within two weeks. Please also encourage your children to wear their Warrior Rain Jackets to school on rainy days.

I hope you have managed to “attend” our online Mass in celebration of our Significant Women today. The link was sent out this morning.

Ia faamanuia mai le Atua ma ia manuia tele le vaiaso o le Gagana Sāmoa.

Mrs Mill, Principal  Tumuaki  Pule Aoga

If you are starting back at school in Week 7 AND you have informed Mrs Mill:

  • Drop off is only between 8.30am - 9am the gates WILL be locked any other time and school grounds closed to everyone except those on our roll for Alert Level 2.

  • For drop off, there will be ONE entry point in CHURCH STREET in the morning - you will be asked to STAY in your car and allow your children to go to the gate to meet our staff. PLEASE stay on the school side of the road when you drive up to school - NO children are to cross the road in Church street. Do not park and wait, drop.. wave.. blow a kiss and go like a drive through!

  • PICK UP Time is between 2.30pm - 3pm. Please do not be late. There will be two exit points and exit will be in whanau groups. 

We will have the Whānau group colour FLAG at the gates

These Whānau Groups will exit school in Church Street:

MacKillop (RED)Aubert (YELLOW) and Chanel (GREEN)

From the High STreet gate next to the HALL: 

Marcellin (BLUE)



As Mercy people at St Joseph’s School, we are all called to serve. 

It is MAY - The Month of our Blessed Mother; MARY.

Let us ask our mother Mary to intercede for us and pray with us this month of May.

Please pray with us as whānau every day at 9am wherever you are.

E te Atua, heal and protect our community and the whole world. 

Guide us and strengthen us to be the BEST DISCIPLES we can be. 

Teach us resilience and perseverance in faith and trust in You. 

We serve You and trust in You hehu Karaiti.


Mary our mother, pray for us.

We are called to Serve- let us serve each other with respect and kindness during this time by following set guidelines.

This is our very basic health and safety and well being plan for our site at St Joseph’s School:

  • No person who is unwell may enter the school site.

  • Staff and students will be allowed to access school at times and gates to be confirmed by the end of the week for specific groups.

  • No parents/ adults other than our staff will be granted access into the school grounds - unless there is an emergency. All entry and exit points will be locked (and monitored by staff when open at appropriate times).

  • Due to our ability to track possible infections, there is no minimum distance requirement for schools by the Government at Alert Level 2. However, physical distancing remains a good precaution to prevent the spread of the disease. At Alert Level 2 this means staff and students at St Joseph’s will maintain a physical distance so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices. We will also attempt to keep the 1m indoor and 2m outdoor distancing where possible.

  • Due to our ability to track possible infections, educational facilities are not considered mass gatherings. This means there are no restrictions on the numbers of people indoors or outside at schools. 

  • Guidelines from the Government state there is no bubble concept at Level 2, so there are no restrictions on groups of students mixing with others on site. Teachers/staff are not restricted to one group and can move freely between groups of students. However, at St Joseph’s we will try and keep the mixing of groups to 4 such groups in physical areas and also not between each other. So a class is it’s own group, but may interact with another class in the same area or zone.

  • Visitors must ring and make an appointment before coming in.

  • Additional cleaning practices have been set in place to clean certain areas of the school during the day.

  • Each classroom will have hand sanitiser available. Students and staff will wash and sanitise hands regularly.

  • Teachers will focus on well being for everyone in the first two weeks of this transition time. This will be reassessed at the end of two weeks.

  • The learning programme will follow this well being focus and also continue with the current remote type of programme to include distance learning.

Michele Mill



Please see below a list of support networks which our school Social Worker Savannah has shared along with her contacts. 

Take care and may God’s blessings give you strength

Kia Ora all, 

We know this is a challenging time for many families – high stress levels, children at home, cut off from family and friends.

Our SWiS continue to work from home over this time, are in contact with families and are available for advice or support. You can make contact on

Here is a list of support services that remain open to providing support to our families (this can be via helplines/online support where face to face support is not available at this time):


Work and Income services centres are closed, however you can apply for assistance via MyMSD or phone the contact centre on 0800 559 009.

If you need some assistance with food these food banks may be able to help out, ring first for instructions of how they are operating to ensure physical distancing:

This might be helpful to post on your various Social Media platforms. 

Stay safe, stay connected!


NZ Uniforms details for the purchase of our school uniform as we NO LONGER have a shop.

St Joseph's Welcomes Mrs Mill



Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

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