St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 6



Room 6 have been studying important New Zealand celebrations. We have discussed the importance of Anzac Day and Matariki. We learnt all about the sacrifice that Anzac soldiers made and what their lives were like in Gallipoli. It was both interesting and a bit sad to find out how the lived in the trenches, We completed some art of poppies because those were the flowers that grew in the battle field. It was fun to pretend to be an Anzac soldier and write a letter home to our families. We are grateful for all that these soldiers did so that we can live in a safe country that we do today! 

Matariki was also celebrated in Term 2. We learnt key facts about the Maori New Year and understand why it is important to celebrate this special time as Maori people are the indigenous people of our country. We talked about how Matariki is celebrated and the myth behind the stars that show in the sky during late May and early June. We love art in room 6 so we created a Matariki night sky. We got to use new technique such as spray and splash painting to create our beautiful pictures.

We have had a busy term to start 2019 in Room 6! We have enjoyed moving into the senior school and tackling new learning. 

We have talked about what we are grateful for in our lives since the school is focusing on ‘Gratitude’ this year. Together, we came up with a list of things that we are lucky enough to have, that other children in the world do not. We have compared our lives to those of the children in South Sudan. We took some our ideas about what we are grateful for and used these to create self portraits. 


Our Life Education lessons this year were fantastic! The focus of these lessons was how to show empathy and how to be a good friend. We talked about ways that we can make sure our class and school are friendly and welcoming for all. It was important to learn about how our actions and words can impact others and how we are responsible for the way we treat others. We know that it always has to be in kind and respectful way. It is always exciting to see Harold! 

Sports day for Room 6 was a highlight! We loved participating in the different events and it was great to see our classmates do well. The tabloid water activity was fun because we had to carry water from one bucket to another by going over our heads and through our legs. We found this a challenge because the team that was the driest was the winners! 

We are ready for all of our new learning this year!