St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 7


Tena Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei,

Kia Orana, Bula Vinaka, Chao, Namaste! 

We are always very busy in Room 7. We love learning and having fun!

Come and have a look at what we have been doing this year. 


We have been learning about the special Mercy value of Respect. Respect is showing someone you care and making them feel important. We have been practising showing our Mercy value every day, at home and at school.

Here are our thoughts about respect:

“Respect is when you go to someone who is crying and say ‘you can play with us.’.” Jeremiah

“Respect is when you show people they’re important, by making them feel like they’re cared for.” Vaka

“Respect is looking after everyone.” Helayna

“Respect is caring for other people.” Paula

“Respect is playing with people who are lonely.” Aleina

“Respect is when you share your toys.” Braxton

“Respect is saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone.” Regina

“Respect is helping other people finish their work.” Michael

“Respect is playing nicely with your brothers.” Elijah

“Respect is comforting your friends when they’re crying.” Divine

“Respect is when someone is playing on their own and you say ‘do you want to play with me?’.” Matthew

“Respect is being kind.” Lily

“Respect is letting other people play with you.” Ella

“Respect is being nice to your friends.” Bernadette

“Respect is being kind.” Ariana

“Respect is playing nicely with your friends.” Jordyn

 “Respect is being loving.” Palavi

We have been learning more about the Holy Spirit – Te Wairua Tapu - this term in Religious Education. We learnt that even though we can’t see the Holy Spirit, we know it is there. We blew onto mirrors to see our breath and blew onto windmills to watch them spin. The wind and our breath are like the Holy Spirit – we can’t see them but we can see what they do. We also blew up balloons – our breath helped the balloons be what they needed to be, just like the Holy Spirit helps us be what we need to be.

We celebrated Pentecost by making flame headbands and re-enacting the Pentecost story. Here are some of our Pentecost headbands.

This term we have been learning about the solar system and our star, the sun. We learnt a lot about the solar system, Tama-nui-te-rā and Papatūānuku. As part of our learning, we go to go to the Stardome Observatory where we saw the constellations in the sky. We LOVED our visit to Stardome and learnt so much! For art, we made our own paint out of chalk, glitter and water and painted some of the billions of stars that are in our galaxy for our solar system wall. They look amazing!

As part of our topic and our Te Reo for the term, we learnt more about Matariki. We saw the Matariki constellation when we were at Stardome. We read a book called Matariki Breakfast, where a whanau celebrate Matariki by sharing kai. We got together with our Room 12 whanau and shared a Matariki breakfast with them. We made hot chocolate and pancakes and Room 12 made toast. We got to serve our whanau and share kai with them.

We also celebrated Matariki with our Rooms 8 and 9 whanau as well. We prepared and cooked a hangi together. We had to wash and peel all the vegetables and our teachers cut them into chunks. We then lined the baskets of the kai cooker with cabbage leaves and placed our vegetables on top. Mr Ewing and Mrs Neho cooked all the vegetables in the kai cooker. At lunchtime, we sat with our Rooms 8 and 9 whanau and shared the hangi with them. It was delicious! Some of us went back for seconds (and even thirds!) Tēnā kōrua Mr Ewing and Mrs Neho, we couldn’t have cooked our hangi without you. Thank you Mrs West, Mrs ‘Aholelei and Mrs Pau‘u for your help also.

To finish off the end of our unit “Our Star the Sun” and to celebrate 50 years since man landed on the moon, we made our very own rockets out of pool noodles. The best part, of course, was launching them!  It took us awhile to figure out the best way to do it, but we got there in the end.