St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu


Room 9


Tena Koutou, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei,

Kia Orana, Bula Vinaka, Chao, Namaste 

We are always very busy in Room 9. We love to read stories, learn our letters, practice our counting, make and build things, talk about our learning and most importantly have fun! 


 Come and have a look at what we have been doing this year. 

We are always busy welcoming new friends into our class. We love showing them around our school and making sure they feel welcome in our whanau. 


2019 is the Year of Gratitude for our school. We are learning to be grateful for everything we have. We share very thoughtful prayers of thanks in the mornings and love looking at our Thankfulness display.

We have been learning about Holiness. We have thought carefully about objects that are Holy and are special to us. We have learnt that Holy means connected to God, we are all Holy! Here are some of the Holy objects in our classroom, you can see more on our Prayer Table. 

We are always challenging ourselves in Room 9. We are learning to manage and move our bodies effectively as well as balance, climb, swing, run, jump, hop, throw and catch. We love creating obstacle courses on the adventure playground and are getting braver every day!

During Term 2 we read lots of stories about Matariki. We loved our trip to the Stardome and looking at the millions of stars in the sky. Our favourite Matariki story is called 'The Seven Fish of Matariki'. We used different art techniques to make our own fish and Matariki stars. We love how sparkly the stars are. To celebrate Matariki we worked with our whanau in Room 7 and 8 to prepare vegetables for a Hangi. It was hard work peeling all of the potatoes and carrots but it made them more delicious in the end. 

This year we are learning about the special Mercy Value of Respect. We have read lots of stories about Respect and are thinking really carefully about how we can show Respect to everyone we meet. 


Here are some of our thoughts about Respect:

Respect saying kind words

Respect is being tidy. We respect our toys 

Respect is doing what you are told

Respect is saying thank you 

Respect is saying please

Respect is taking turns

Respect is asking "Are you ok?"

Respect is saying excuse me 

Respect is listening to others

Respect is looking at the person who is talking

Respect is saying sorry

Respect is for EVERYONE.

Jesus Our Friend

This term we have been learning about Jesus. We have learnt a lot about Jesus' life when he was a little boy. We have looked at houses like Jesus would have lived in, games that Jesus would have played, prayers that Jesus would have learnt and we even got to try some food that Jesus would have eaten! We didn't like the figs very much. We tried on some clothes like Jesus would have worn. Have a look at our photos. 

We are Great Friends

At the beginning of the year we were very lucky to have Harold the Giraffe visit our school. Harold started us thinking about how we can be good friends to others. We have read lots of stories about friendship and done lots of fab thinking about how we can be better at being friends.  Here are some of the things we have learnt about friendship:

"Friends ask you if you are ok" Valentina

"Friends play with you" Israel

"Friends share their toys with you" Ria

"Friends make you feel better when you are hurt" Lulu

"Friends make you laugh" Cohen

"Friends are great" Pesaleli

"Friends listen to you" Zedric