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Reina and her Duffy Books
Written by: Litiasha and Cyrellia  
Reina is a lawyer that supports books in homes for everyone. Reina came to St Joseph's to talk about the importance of reading books and when she first came to NZ, she was illiterate. It was very challenging to learn how to read, speak English, and overcome many other obstacles. Duffy Books helped Reina expand her knowledge of English and Literature. She was very studious and yet persevered, even in hard times. She learnt to read and completed a degree in Law she was able to overcome the obstacles, that may have prevented her from accomplishing her goals in life.

Reina had not always loved reading, in fact when she came to NZ, it was a new revelation. But, with the help of Duffy Books, her eagerness towards learning and reading improved. Reina had finished, top of her classes for NCEA Level 1,2 and 3! She used this power of reading to get her where she is today, a Criminal Defence Lawyer. She still says that although she has finished her education at school, reading is still very important to her. Reading is the key to a successful future, so if Reina can do it, you can too!