St. Joseph's School School Otahuhu




Religious Education Plan 2020 

In 2020 our school wide theme is WE ARE CALLED - Haere mai me tou ake ahua. At St Joseph’s God is at the centre of our school curriculum.

This year we will be thinking about God’s call to each one of us and asking what Jesus would have us do.  Haere mai me tou ake ahua - tells us that God accepts us as are - each one of us is unique and special in His eyes. 

As we look to the year ahead let us all take a moment to listen to God’s call and reflect on what we are being asked to do in our lives.  So, St Joseph’s whanau - Tukua kia haere tahi - let us go together.




R.E. Books

The books will be sent home regularly for parents to read and discuss with their child.  As parents you are the first educators of your child's faith. 

At the start of each Strand a Family Whanau Summary will be pasted into each book.This is an outline of the lessons your child will be taught during the strand.  We hope that you will enjoy reading what your child has learnt and that you will sign the books.  We encourage you to write a positive comment to support your child's learning.


Our Mercy Values  

 Every child at St Joseph's School is encouraged to live by the Mercy Values. These are celebrated at our Whole School Mass through Values and Attitudes Awards. Each class focuses on a special Mercy Value.

Room 7, 8 and 9 learn about Respect

Room 11 and 12 focus on Compassion

Room 13 and 6 think about Hospitality 

Room 4 and 5 master Service

Room 3 specialise in Excellence 

Room 1 and 2 study Social Justice